[English Game Report] 7/30 Esperanza SC vs Nihon Kogakuin F Marinos

Esperanza SC vs Nihon Kogakuin F Marinos
Kanto Soccer League 2nd Div. 2nd Stage 6sec [away]
2016/7/30(Sat) 11:00 kickoff
at Nihon Kogakuin Ground

Starting Line-ups

GK 77 Tomomasa Nozaki
MF 11 Takanori Sakamoto
DF 33 Yu Tamagawa
DF 35 Shota Kakizaki
DF 20 Keisuke Nonaka
MF 43 Keiji Hatazawa
MF 8 Leonardo Agustin Ortega
DF 47 Shinya Egawa
FW 7 Tomoki Kitano
MF 4 Yuta Fujiwara
FW 10 Kaiki Inoue

Reserve Players

GK 98 Kaishi Hoshiko
DF 23 Msakazu Hara
DF 26 Naoya Imabe
MF 19 Tomoya Sekine
MF 5 Jorge Gustavo Ortega
FW 44 Daisuke Yoshiie

Substitution of Players
67min   43 out, 44 in (Daisuke Yoshiie)
83min  4 out, 5 in (Jorge Gustavo Ortega)

Highlight Movie

Game Report

We are heading to the end of the league. Each game would be important for Esperanza. This games opponent is also in a difficult situation. They have to win this game or they would put themselves in a hard situation. So we knew that this game would be a difficult game for Esperanza.

It was a hot day. The players had to concentrate is this hot day, which will change the game a lot.

On the 38th minute, the game moved.
The play started from a long throw from the right. The ball was thrown into the box. When Shinya Egawa tried to trap the ball, the opposing defender showed the bottom of his cleats and hit him in the leg. This was of course a foul and Esperanza earned a PK. It looked like a lucky judge from the referee but when looking over the game film, the defender’s foot clipped Esperanza’s players. It was a right call from the referee.
Tomoki Kitano was the kicker. He finished it and made it 1-0.

The first half ended 1-0 with Esperanza leading. The first half was a slow half.

For Esperanza, we  wanted the second goal early in the second half and have the game on our side.
From the kickoff of the second half, the opponent started to attack hard. Esperanza almost got scored on but our goalie, Tomomasa Nozaki did great saves. In these close games, one chance is all the team needs to score a goal.

In the 52nd minute, Esperanza scored their second goal. Shouta Kakizaki served the ball from far out close to box. Kaiki Inoue headed the ball back where Tomoki Kitano came running. Tomoki Kitano trapped the ball and passed it to Kaiki Inoue which was running behind the defender. Kaiki Inoue trapped the ball once in the air and head it into the net.
It’s a very important second goal for Esperanza. Kaiki Inoue and Tomoki Kitano has been playing since they were in their elementary ages. This goal came from the two players that really know each other’s playing style.

At this game Kitano Tomoki had 1 goal and 1 assist. He has 13 assists and is 1st for the assists rankings. Also he is ranked 2nd for goal scoring. He is getting closer to Nobuhisa Furukawa, which is in 1st place.

Of course the other team came hard after getting scored on twice. We knew this would happen.

In the 82nd minute, the opposing team attacked from the left side, sent a ball to a player in the middle and shot the ball. The goalie stopped it once but got scored on the ball after that. It made it 2-1.
After that the other team had a lot of chances but was not able to score. Esperanza’s defence were concentrating till the end. We got the win.

By winning this game Esperanza put their spot one above and became 5th in the league. We have 21 points. It is not official but we are 90% sure that Esperanza will stay in the league.

This time the streaming went well.
We received a lot of comments from the people who could not come to the game and also from Argentina. This time for a try, we put in head coach, Ortega’s short story during the half time. We will be supporting Esperanza by streaming the game live.

The player will enter a two week break of soccer. I hope that the player were happy to win their last game before entering the break.
But this year’s goal for the team is not going to the upper league or to stay in the league that they are right now. Our goal is JFL (Japan Football League), which is the fourth league from the top. Our player know that it is not easy to go to JFL. Esperanza is strong because God is fighting with us. We can do this!!

After the break we hope that the player’s are refreshed and are ready to fight again. There is 3 more games left for this league. Esperanza also is going to the Nationals in October.

Vamos Esperanza!