Game Repor(4/16)t: “The loss that made our eyes open”

We have been waiting for this opening game for the 2017 season.

A lot of fans came to watch the opening game. About 400 fans were in the stands.

And the most biggest fans were at the end of the goal. The fans were chanting and it looked like there was a festival going on. They were fired up. We are amazed about how many fans are willing to come and watch Esperanza’s games.

It was the second game on this field so there was not that much time but the two sponsors that is for Esperanza’s uniform did our kick off ceremony. Thank you for the support.

The opening game for the season is against Touhou Titanium. Last season we scored 11 goals against them.

The game began with Esperanza’s aggressive defense from the forwards as usual. We send long balls into the opponent’s half and pushed the team back to their own half. Esperanza looked like they were controlling the game. Esperanza had some chances by free kicks but Touhou Tiitanium had a tight defence in front of the 18 yard box. It attack was not enough to break down the block. Esperanza had the game in their hand but Touhou Titanium had chances from the corner or free kicks that almost made it to the net. The game was intense throughout the half.

35th minute, Touhou Titanium earned a free kick from the left side at a great spot. Esperanza’s defence could not clear the ball out and the ball found the back of the net by an own goal.

After that both teams had good chances but was not able to score.

Esperanza had the game in the second half too.

But Touhou Titanium made their defense tighter than the first half. Esperanza was not able to find a way to break that wall. The time only went by. Because of not being able to find the way to attack and the tiredness the players had, Esperanza’s players were spread out. Esperanza tried to drop in a long ball into the box but was cleared out and Touhou Titanium begins their counter attack.

Esperanza did not give up to get that goal, but the time was up. The game finished 0-1.

Esperanza is looking for a big step up this season. We started with a loss but the season just started. The players have to open their eyes and be as a team and fight together as a team.

At last, thank you for all the fans that came to the field to watch the game.

The result ended as a lose but please keep on cheering for us. We still have many games ahead of us!

Next game

4/29 Saturday 14:00 kick off
Vs Waseda United (away)
Place: Ooifutou Chuuou Kaihama Kouen Sports of forest 2nd field (turf field)